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What is Patreon, and how does it work?

Patreon is a funding site for creators of things such as YouTube channels, blogs, vlogs, etc. Being that it takes quite a bit of time to go through and plan, record, edit, publish and post videos, this is a way for creators to get some compensation for what they do. How Patreon differs from just a funding site is that we as creators can reward our Patrons with exclusive content, deals, bonuses, etc. It does not cost anything to create a Patreon account, but you need an account to "pledge" money to the creators. The creators have different tiers that you can pledge towards that offer different rewards. As a Patron member of Hissy Fit Reptiles, there are certain rewards that I offer for different tiers. Also, there are goals to meet that unlock even more rewards for Patrons based on how much funding is met each month. Patrons can pledge at any time of the month, and they will initially be charged to their credit card, bank, or PayPal when beginning a new pledge. After the initial pledge, every pledge thereafter will be drawn around the 1st of the month. Patrons can withdraw or stop pledging at anytime, but lose all rewards associated with their pledge. 


Benefits for Pledging to Hissy Fit Reptiles

Newly Updated Benefits - Full Details coming soon.

Current Month's Giveaway:

 Hissy Fit Madness Tournament Bracket

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